Company History

 Strategy. Implementation. Results.

C-level Business & Technology Experts Driving Business Change, Efficiency, Competitive Advantage, and Innovation from Start-up to Enterprise

Our clients come to us when they want to effect change. Why? Because we immerse ourselves in the organization, understand the challenges, share the vision, and deliver transparent, objective and unbiased guidance, expertise, and implementation to clients.

Unlike many other consulting firms, we take responsibility for the full cycle of engagements –setting strategies and roadmaps, cooperatively working through the implementation, and reaching the desired goals. Because of the depth of our knowledge, credentials, and history of working with aggressive start-ups to mature companies, we’ve been able to develop methodologies and best practice approaches that work.

When we started NeuEon in 2004, our idea was simple: to help small and midsize companies and entrepreneurs chart their path through an ever-changing technology landscape, so that their ideas will succeed. Our initial clients were diverse – entrepreneurs and early-stage software companies, non-profits, and service companies where we served as the “technical voice” at the management team table representing the intersection of business and technology. For companies who had no CTO, CIO, or CISO, NeuEon helped them thrive.

In 2008, we expanded the leadership team to include Tom Gardner and Todd Ducharme, which helped set the stage for growth. Over a decade later, NeuEon is a thriving business with a mix of long term and new clients, offering CTO services for start-ups, due diligence and M&A technology assessments, large agile transformation services for enterprise clients, and specialized services around security. We span industries including financial services, venture capital, private equity, edtech, non-profit, manufacturing, consumer goods, technology, and software.

Many people ask about our name. NeuEon (nu-e-on) derives from the German word for ‘new.’ Eon is an infinite period of time. That’s who we are: proponents of the new, here to guide and help you drive the desired outcomes, for as long as you need us.

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