Cyber Risk Leadership Practice

Operational success depends on defying data compromise with security that fits your business.

Your security challenges…solved for good.

Evolving reactionary security practices into proactive strategies is an increasingly critical business decision. As cyber attacks grow in number and size, boardrooms are awakening to the new era of risk that stretches from infrastructure to the very core of digital products.

Many clients struggle with recognizing security-resource issues that plague most organizations. Without the depth of business and technical understanding of cybersecurity, companies are left with misaligned security spend or have stop-gap approaches to security and risk.

Without a proactive approach to security, companies often experience:

  • Revenue loss from third-party risk and during system downtime and recovery
  • Current and future reputational damage
  • Technology investments that are ineffective for security and risk needs
  • Security efforts that aren’t right-sized to the organization
  • Competitive advantage loss
  • Reduced productivity
  • Potential litigation and fines
  • Compliance and audit fines
  • Knowledge gap regarding impacts of inadequately addressing risk

Cybersecurity is essential to growth, innovation, and profitability.

Cybersecurity strategy isn’t constrained to mitigating threats — it is a sound business practice that determines risk, directs ongoing protection efforts, and bolsters organizational performance. Through NeuEon’s Cyber Risk Leadership Practice, our C-level consultants work in partnership with clients to mature security practices that reinstate control, as well as protect and improve investments, reputation, and regulatory compliance.

Senior level strategy with pragmatic guidance to operationalize security — that’s the NeuEon difference.

Never Security-in-a-Box

NeuEon helps move companies from frameworks and theory to practice, communicating up and down the organization to ensure your risk is addressed appropriately. Unlike vCISO or Fractional CISO offerings that focus on assessments as a means to sell technology, NeuEon’s Cybersecurity Leadership Practice provides individualized direction that bridges the gap between people, process, and technology.

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Candy Alexander
Cyber Risk Leadership Practice Lead

Ms. Alexander has 30 years of information security experience working for various high-tech companies. She has held several positions as CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) for which she developed and managed corporate security programs. She is now working as a Virtual or Fractional CISO and Executive Cyber Security Consultant assisting companies large and small to improve their security programs through effective security initiatives.

Ms. Alexander is very active within the profession, where her contributions include International President for the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), chief architect for the Cyber
Security Career Lifecycle and a long-standing Director on the International Board. She is also the inaugural President and past Board Member of the ISSA Education and Research Foundation. She
remains a loyal member at the local level with the New England Chapter and the ISSA New Hampshire Chapter.

Ms. Alexander has received numerous awards and recognitions, including that of Distinguished Fellow of the ISSA, ranking her as one of the top 1% in the association, and she was inducted into the ISSA’s Hall of Fame. As a leader in the cyber security profession, she is often a featured speaker at many events, including the most memorable to date; the IT Security Symposium at the United Nations in New York and the Offices of President of the United States.

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