Cybersecurity Technology Selection

Cybersecurity technology that supports the health of the entire company—and its customers.

Cybersecurity technologies should transform your business—not just stop hackers. Our Cyber Risk Leadership Practice takes a unique approach in guiding technology investment decisions that bolster holistic security, driven by business requirements.

Using the foundation of our Technology Selection Process, NeuEon will:

  • Identify business-driven requirements through in-depth analysis and ensure technology solutions align with business requirements
  • Offer transparent and objective recommendations that address security-resource issues and fit with the business size, objectives, and requirements
  • Ensure that selections align short- and long-term business goals with the evolving threat landscape
  • Evaluate investments based on risks that endanger reputation, operations, and profitability

With decades of experience, we know that technology alone doesn’t solve cybersecurity problems. That’s why we’ve developed a disciplined approach to technology selection that deviates from the common break-fix mentality.

Ready to reap the results of strategic cybersecurity?