Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity has risen to the forefront as one of the top initiatives for most enterprise companies.

Continued threats, regulatory fines,  and the very real possibility of damage to the business has driven the need for security expertise. Due to the shortage of skilled security executives, many companies can benefit from external C-level expertise in this area.

Clients often face multiple cybersecurity strategy challenges including:

  • Are we maintaining the right security standards?
  • Do we have a robust governance and compliance plan?
  • Do we fully understand the risk profile of our current systems?
  • Do we have a risk mitigation plan?

NeuEon’s expertise in regulatory compliance and the latest security approaches helps to maximize the investment in cybersecurity systems and minimize the risk of breaches. The security framework and roadmap we employ is the culmination of decades of security best practices.

During strategic security strategy and oversight engagements NeuEon will:

  • Assess current strategic business operations initiatives and corresponding security implications
  • Develop new or revise existing information security policies, procedures, and frameworks that incorporate your unique industry and business requirements
  • Provide hands-on strategic guidance to ensure your team implements the security technology roadmap
  • Provide in-depth analysis and guidance on security trends and recommendations for policy updates and proactive upgrades

NeuEon’s Cybersecurity Strategy Consultation

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