Proven Methodologies and Best Practices to Drive the Right Decisions

Because of the depth of our knowledge, credentials, and history of working with clients across all industries, we’ve been able to develop methodologies and best practice approaches that work. Our strategy and execution is built by adhering to proven, pattern-matching methodologies, gained through our work with diverse engagements. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Below is a selection of our adaptive and proven methodologies.

Strategic Technology Assessment

The Strategic Technology Assessment (STA) provides both the in-depth understanding of the technical challenges of an organization and a framework for analyzing those issues to provide viable solutions. All of our STAs provide prescriptive recommendations, as well as budgetary figures for mitigating the areas of concern. Learn more

Technology Selection Process

The best decisions are driven by utilizing the best data. NeuEon employs a data-driven, systematic approach to your technology investments to ensure you are making the best decisions. The Technology Selection Process (TSP) provides an objective and data-driven method for selecting new technologies to drive your business’ operational excellence. Learn more

Strategic Organizational & Platform Assessment

For technology products to effectively and efficiently move from concept to commercialization, the people, processes, and technology platforms need to be strategically aligned. When any one area is lacking, it has a lasting and fundamental impact on a company’s ability to achieve success within given timeframes and budgets, while meeting strategic and market requirements. Learn more

Cloud Readiness Assessment

While no technology is a panacea for businesses, moving to a cloud-based approach is an important advance. NeuEon has designed a set of services to help organizations navigate this shift and better understand what elements of technology infrastructure can be migrated to either a hosted infrastructure or true cloud-based service. Learn more


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