Partners: Portfolio Company Value Creation

NeuEon is focused on creating and driving value through operational changes and improvements. With our C-suite backgrounds, we often work with operationally-focused leadership in PE firms, engaging with their portfolio companies to bridge the gaps between the business and technical strategies. This typically includes aligning strategies to an implementation roadmap, improving on what exists, repairing what is broken and helping portfolio companies realize efficient growth and scale.

The full scope of services NeuEon offers is available to portfolio companies from the first 100 days or beyond and can be utilized during add-ons or roll-ups as well.

NeuEon can play a key role in driving measurable improvement including:

  • Technical ROI
  • Business process optimization
  • Technology-related margins
  • Organizational and operational efficiency

Desire a faster ramp? Proactive, data-driven roadmaps can be established early on during the due diligence phase to ensure future portfolio companies have a jumpstart on implementation of strategic plans.

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Private equity firm focused on building partnerships beyond capital


NeuEon is currently working with several of CEP’s portfolio companies in the healthcare space including DirectPath and PatientMatters.


Migitate technical risk and ensure value before during and after transactions are complete


  • Optimize instance types to reduce waste
  • Multiple successful acquisitions of technology and technology enabled services companies based on assessments and recommendations by NeuEon
  • Validated assumptions and assisted in planning porfolio company pivot from managed services to self-serve technology
"We have NeuEon on speed dial."
Michael Byers
Executive Chairman, Century Equity Partners; Executive Chairman, CEP

See how NeuEon helped Century Equity Partners’ portfolio company DirectPath

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