Technical Strategy

A Collaborative Approach to Business Challenges Through the Strategic Use of Technology – Aligning Business Processes, Platforms, and People

As a NeuEon client, you receive the collective expertise of our seasoned CIOs to help you make smart decisions regardless of the level of your technological maturity. The combination of industry domain expertise and technology acumen found in NeuEon’s CIO team provides a unique advantage to guide your organization to a higher level of effectiveness. The process begins with formulating a sound technology strategy, followed by ensuring operational excellence and implementing continuous improvement.

Strategy: Start with a Strategic Technology Assessment
Aligning your business plan and goals to your technology strategy and objectives will ensure long-term success for your organization. Our core Strategic Technology Assessment (STA) service ensures that your technology strategy supports your business goals.


Operational Excellence: Technology Selection Process
Ensuring that your organization is maximizing its investments in technology already within the organization is a critical success factor in determining the business return on that investment.   Our team provides an objective operational and technical review and analysis of your current technology solutions and provides a prescriptive roadmap to get the most out of those investments.


On-going Support & Continuous Improvement
An annual service is also available providing regular checkpoints for companies that are further along the organizational technology maturity curve and require less frequent guidance.


From EdTech to FinTech – Having a CTO Smoothly Guide Software Product Development is the Focus of NeuEon’s CTO Service


Often, early-stage companies have a vision but no technical leadership, or little experience and limited resources to ensure concept to commercialization is efficient and cost effective. Even larger companies, looking toward a digital transformation of their business, are seeking to launch digital products, but may not have the team in place to strategically execute and ensure the result is aligned with the market and business goals.

With a long track record of success, NeuEon’s CTO team takes a collaborative approach to the creation of your technology product. As a NeuEon client you receive the collective expertise of our senior CTOs – each with decades of experience – as well as the guidance you need to build smart technology products.

Our strategic technical leadership provides a variety of services to ensure a successful execution of your product vision, including:

  • Buy-Build-Integrate Assessment: a clear understanding of the best path forward to address your critical business needs
  • Scalability Assessment: how to build your product in a scalable manner to meet the demands of your customers
  • SaaS Readiness Assessment: if you already have an on-premise software product, how to you migrate to more of a cloud-based deployment model
  • Agile Product Development Facilitation & Coaching: your team is good, we can make them great
  • Operational Transition: developing a product is one aspect of the full-product development lifecycle, deploying it in a reliable manner is another

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