Annual Service

Strategic Technology Planning, Budgeting & Regular Check-ins that Coincide with Your Business Planning Cycle

NeuEon offers an Annual Service designed for organizations that are further along on the technology maturity curve and require periodic guidance and validation as they execute their business and technology plans, including strategic inflection points such as an ownership or leadership change.

The Annual Service is comprised of an initial Strategic Technology Planning session following by quarterly check-ins to assess progress and make course corrections. The combination of the strategic technology plan coupled with regular check-ins provides high value technical leadership in way that allows your organization to continue to manage IT and ensure you are making the right investments and decisions.

Strategic Technology Planning, Alignment & BudgetingNeuEon Annual CIO Service

  • Coinciding with the business planning cycle, this session provides the basis for initiatives moving forward and a benchmark for previous technology initiatives. NeuEon conducts a thorough annual assessment of your technology’s alignment with your business strategy and provides recommendations for areas of improvement in your business processes.
  • Assess strategic business and operational initiatives that may impact the technology plan and advise on the value and feasibility of integrating new and developing technologies into your strategy.
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics that should be tracked during the upcoming year.

Quarterly Reviews
These sessions take place during each quarter of the upcoming year and will use the strategic technology plan as the basis for evaluation and review. These sessions are designed to:

  • Review progress against business, technology, and budgetary goals
  • Adjust the technology plan based on any organizational or environmental plans
  • Provide updates or analysis based on comparative companies and trends in technology
  • Provide guidance and recommendations on management issues relating to technology, in-house technical resources and vendors, as well as prospective vendors

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