Cloud Readiness Assessment

Helping Organizations Shift From On-premise Technology to Hosted and Cloud-based Offerings

Many organizations struggle to understand the fundamental shift from on-premise systems to hosted and/or cloud-based services. In general, organizations migrating from traditional technologies such as client-server and other on-site technologies, to hosted or cloud-based services enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced support costs
  • Lower or no capital costs
  • Increased flexibility, usability, and functionality
  • No cost for new versions of applications
  • Continuously updated applications
  • Increased availability and guaranteed uptime of applications and other key infrastructure
  • Improved IT operational efficiency

While no technology is a panacea for businesses, moving to a cloud-based approach is an important advance. NeuEon has designed a set of services to help organizations navigate this shift with our CIO Cloud Readiness Assessment. We have designed this assessment to help you understand what elements of your technology infrastructure can be migrated to either a hosted infrastructure or true cloud-based service.


Our assessment phase begins by interviewing key stakeholders in your organization. During these sessions, we review business goals and how your current technologies align to meet those goals. We will document how each major software application is used as well as infrastructure components that may be candidates for migration. Specific operational and geographical aspects will be addressed and documented.

The analysis phase involves researching the appropriate technologies to meet your business goals. We identify the risks and opportunities of migrating each technology, research potential vendors, and layout a technology roadmap for the migration.

The recommendation phase includes an outline of the organization, a matrix of the current technologies used, including the hardware and software components, risks and migration approach for each technology, and associated cost and/or savings and justification for the migration.


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