Security Practice

Strategic Information Security Guidance to Protect your Company

Over 70 percent of companies suffered some type of cyber attack in 2015. Threats can come from both inside and outside a company, and aging information technology infrastructure is particularly vulnerable. With a large percentage of IT budgets going toward security, discovering where the vulnerabilities lie and how best to address them cost effectively is top-of-mind for most executives.

NeuEon’s CIO practice offers expertise in a strategic approach to security. Our team brings senior-level security knowledge providing your company with an approach to maintain the right security standards, a risk assessment based on those standards, and a risk mitigation plan that your company can execute based on the priorities you have set. We work collaboratively with your team to ensure your information and assets are protected from threats.

A solid strategy and sound technology infrastructure to combat future threats brings peace of mind to our clients, maintains trust with their customers, and is designed to match the unique needs of our clients regardless of industry. Expertise in regulatory compliance and security frameworks ensure a roadmap for the future.

Our assessment and oversight includes:

  • Consulting with business leaders and key stakeholders to assess on-going strategic business operations initiatives and the corresponding security implications.
  • Developing information security policies, procedures, and frameworks that incorporate your unique industry and business requirements.
  • Providing strategic guidance to ensure your team implements the security technology roadmap using our framework of best practices, built over the decade we’ve been in business.
  • Providing analysis and guidance on security trends, as well as recommendations for policy updates and proactive upgrades.


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