Innovation Practice

Helping Organizations Innovate & Stay Ahead of the Competition

Innovation centers on the effectiveness of an organization and its ability to adapt and anticipate the market need. NeuEon’s team of senior consultants have been innovating for decades – helping hundreds of organizations establish new products and new lines of business, and become smarter about technology and its uses. Our consultants work with organizations to become more efficient and formulate new ideas in an effort to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

Our focus on innovation and digital transformation builds upon our core CIO and CTO services to provide a set of activities that will help guide organizations into the future.

Whether you are looking to better understand the challenges within your own organization or you need guidance and a balanced objective view of an acquisition, NeuEon’s approach to evaluating organizations provides a sound repeatable process for smart decisions through:

  • Innovation Sessions: These regularly facilitated sessions with stakeholders throughout your organization provide a structured way to capture ideas, brainstorm, and communicate future potential and needs to be validated and tested.
  • Technology Trends: Our team of consultants are at the forefront of innovation and provide guidance around advances in technology across industries.
  • Technology Audit: Our Strategic Organization & Platform Assessment (SOPA) provides a detailed look at the technology, people, and processes within an organization to ensure they are aligned with the business goals of the future.
  • Decision Support: Move from brainstorming to actionable decisions leveraging the agile/lean principles including, facilitated ideation and structured brainstorming to mind mapping, market and business model validation, and testing.

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