Strategic Technology Assessment

A Roadmap that Serves as a Playbook and Strategic Technology Plan for Years to Come

The Strategic Technology Assessment (STA) is a cornerstone of NeuEon’s CIO consulting practice. The STA provides both the in-depth understanding of the technical challenges of an organization and a framework for analyzing those issues to provide viable solutions. All of our STAs provide prescriptive recommendations, as well as budgetary figures for mitigating the areas of concern.

The output of an STA is a roadmap that serves as a playbook and strategic technology plan for years to come, as we look at beyond the near-term goals and objectives as part of this assessment.

The Strategic Technology Assessment process involves:

  • Objectively evaluating your people, process, and technologies
  • Identifying thematic areas of improvement across your company
  • Devising a set of recommendations to improve your technology solutions to better align with your vision and values
  • Adapting your systems and processes so that they give your company a competitive advantage
  • Highlighting areas of concern
  • Providing a benchmark of what similar organizations are using for their technology solutions

Clients receive a document that outlines themes, current situations, and strategies and approaches to correct issues around budget, timeline, and priority setting.

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