Technology Selection Process

A Proven Methodology that Streamlines the Effort Needed to Make the Appropriate Technology Choices for Your Organization

The best decisions are driven by utilizing the best data. NeuEon employs a data-driven, systematic approach to your technology investments to ensure you are making the best decisions. The Technology Selection Process (TSP) provides an objective and data-driven method for selecting new technologies to drive your business’ operational excellence.

As a trusted technology advisor to business leaders, we are asked to evaluate and recommend appropriate technology solutions. We have developed a methodology and toolset to help guide your organization through the difficult task of selecting a new technology, whether it is software, hardware, or services. The Technology Selection Process (TSP) is a mature and tested methodology that streamlines the effort required to make the appropriate technology choices for your organization. The core phases of the TSP are Requirements, Research, and Recommend.


  • Identify all the necessary requirements from a business, functional, and technical viewpoint
  • Perform iterative and focused stakeholder interviews to guide requirements
  • Document, categorize, and prioritize requirements
  • Weight requirements to provide a level of importance to the department and/or organization
  • Evaluate the organization’s current business processes potentially affected by the technology change and begin to outline the future state of these business processes


  • Development of the technology selection matrix populated using the data from the requirements phase
  • Requirements are evaluated and scored against potential solution vendors, as the right potential vendors are critical to the success of the process
  • The resulting matrix is a direct result of NeuEon’s objectivity, technology expertise, due diligence, research, and evaluation of each vendor and their product(s)


  • Recommend formulation for vendor solutions that provide the best match based on the research conducted
  • Recommendations may include a technology roadmap and/or implementation plan if appropriate or required

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