Early Stage

Technology Advisement for Early-stage Portfolio Companies

Angel Investors, Venture Capital Firms & Accelerators

Mitigating risk and accelerating time to market for your technology-focused portfolio companies is imperative. Software development can quickly go off the proverbial track: milestones are missed, and misdirection or mismanagement of resources cost time and money. As the investment partner you may not be entrenched enough in the day-to-day process to intervene in time.

If you are fueling entrepreneurial ventures, you want the best strategic and objective technical guidance and advice for your portfolio companies from a partner you can trust. NeuEon’s team of experienced and proven CTOs have a track record of building software companies from scratch, helping software companies scale, and have been on both sides of the M&A transaction.

From due diligence to architecture and sourcing, our Fractional CTO™ practice enables investors to be smarter about the technology companies that they are funding during all stages of a transaction.

Gain insight into:

The People
Who is building the platform and do they have the background and expertise to execute the vision?

The Process
Has the team assigned the right people to the right roles and are they following the right process?

The Platform
How much technology risk is inherent in what they’re building? Are they building the product in a way that you’re going to remain dependent on those that are currently coding and developing it? Are there too many dependencies on third parties? Are they leveraging third parties and off-the-shelf solutions enough? Have they stockpiled a mountain of technical debt that you’ll be paying off for years to come?

Get started with NeuEon’s Strategic Operational and Platform Assessment. We provide a proven methodology of assessing the people, process, and platform and provide a scorecard of how your portfolio companies or prospective investments stack up against best practices to quickly identify red flags, risk, and areas for improvement.

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