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Gain Complete Insight into Technology Strategy, Plan Adherence and Likelihood of Success

Technical or product audits can be just as critical as financial audits, and objective and systematic tech audits are a necessity to uncover risk. Applying a repeatable model for technical audits instead of an ad hoc process is a key differentiator for NeuEon. Knowing what you’re getting into from day one helps you make smarter decisions about a deal and what to expect when operating a company after a deal closes.

Some of our clients have several outside firms they work with but tap into NeuEon’s services where appropriate for deal size, scope and time considerations. Our team has held CTO and CIO positions in both large and small companies in multiple verticals, and they bring a wealth of expertise on what it takes to be successful in this field.

Our technology due diligence is based on a proprietary, repeatable and scaleable methodology for evaluation, which allows private equity firms to employ a systematic approach to the technology portion of diligence. We quickly uncover red flags and risk, and provide prescriptive advisement to address the issues uncovered. Likewise, we can highlight hidden opportunities to maximize investment. Our clients rely on us to stay fully informed in the face of ever-changing technology landscapes.

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Strengthening Your Investments

Private equity clients that need portfolio company technical assistance can also leverage NeuEon to serve in an advisory role to streamline processes, cut operational costs and guide changes after a deal is closed.

For more established companies, where technology roadmaps and realignment, or implementation around M&A are essential to reach growth and profitability goals, NeuEon adds valuable advice and adjunct expertise around:

  • Containing costs
  • Maximizing efficiencies
  • Buying vs. building vs. integrating
  • Melding systems and infrastructure
  • Institutionalizing IT best practices and processes
  • Baselining IT maturity curves and prioritizing tech investments

If technology is part of the deal, ensure your investment pays off.

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