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Digital Transformation: A Reality for Small and Midsize Businesses

When we see the “megatrend” Digital Transformation being discussed in the media and at conferences, it’s about how very large Fortune 500 companies are expanding and pivoting around a new line of digital business or changing their models to leverage digital both inside the organization and in how they gain new efficiencies. Or, just as often, how a start-up is disrupting the status quo in mature markets by re-thinking the ‘job to be done’ and how it gets done. Is digital transformation so difficult that it takes the resources of a large company or the innovative drive of a start-up to be successful? The short answer is no. At NeuEon, we see our progressive clients embracing the digital future, opening up to new innovations, and actively seeking ways to rethink their business models to include technology and technology products or services to not only keep pace, but to outpace the world around them.

White papers and reports like the recent one published at the World Economic Forum, center on digital transformation success stories and coverage by major media outlets and consultants focused on this trend abound. On the surface, many think it’s all about building an “app” to address the increase in mobile computing, or figuring out how to invent a line extension to a core business – like “online banking.” But true digital transformation goes beyond this type of thinking and is often difficult (but not impossible) to achieve – especially for smaller companies with limited resources.

Many smaller- and medium-sized companies, especially in more mature markets, often feel like they are treading water when it comes to technology – “let’s just get through this upgrade” or “we’ve done what we’re doing now for years and we’re getting by.” Stepping back to look at long-range planning is often one of the hardest things to do, and understanding not only how transformative technology can be – but how to get there once the course is charted – is daunting. But, regardless of industry, product or service, most businesses CAN benefit from digital transformation. Forward-thinking companies are in the midst of what NeuEon hopes is continued breakthroughs in innovative thinking.

It’s truly interesting to see parallel worlds collide. Yes, at NeuEon, we are all technology people at heart, but translating and connecting technology to better business outcomes has always been the core of what we bring to the table. Now, more than ever, this type of mindset is what will propel companies forward. When words like agility, analytics, security, efficiency and skill sets become part of the digital transformation vernacular, it makes sense to look toward people who are experts in these disciplines to help navigate the road ahead.