Cybersecurity & Risk Management

Ensure cyber efforts are laser-focused on business value and risk.

Over the last decade, cybersecurity best practices have matured. Organizations that have evolved in alignment no longer view cyber efforts as solely reactive; they seek to anticipate risks before they happen. They view cybersecurity as more than just compliance frameworks and checklists; it’s about managing cyber risk to the business. And technology doesn’t drive cybersecurity; business goals do.

Business goals and inherent risk must be at the center of every cyber conversation. This is a guiding principle for forward-looking businesses. Whether we’re business, technology, or cybersecurity leaders, without cyber/business alignment, we’re getting it wrong. And we owe it to our companies to do better.

Cybersecurity isn’t just about technology; it’s about protecting and enabling the business.

A shift to true cyber/business alignment can be difficult. The executive-level consultants in our Cybersecurity & Risk Management Practice can help guide your business to embrace this approach and create and implement cyber strategies that directly support business goals and strategies by:

Re-focusing cyber approaches and priorities with a business lens.
Changing the way you measure the success of cyber efforts.
Learning to meet compliance while reducing risk in a cost-effective manner.
Boosting cybersecurity and risk awareness and understanding across the company.

About Our Cybersecurity & Risk Management Services

NeuEon understands that cybersecurity comes with trade-offs, and not all businesses are the same. Some are more risk-tolerant than others. This is why cyber/business alignment is so important. It’s time to shift your cybersecurity focus from one that starts and ends with compliance, point solutions, and checklists to one based on business-driven, risk-based strategies that embed proven cybersecurity practices across the organization.

Here are the ways we can help you implement cybersecurity that works for your business.

Protect and enable your business and its customers with business-driven, risk-based strategies to manage cyber risk, effectively respond to cyber incidents, and achieve compliance with confidence.

Align cybersecurity initiatives with business goals and inherent risks while helping business and technology partners work better together.

Protect the company and its customers by integrating cybersecurity into the product development lifecycle, effectively bridging the gap between security and development.

Select cyber solutions that best meet business needs using NeuEon’s proven, unbiased, data-driven Technology Selection Process (TSP).

Get executive-level expertise and a trusted partner at the leadership team level to provide guidance as the organization develops its cyber strategies and responds to cyber risks or incidents.

Today’s cyber risk calls for smarter cybersecurity strategies.

To learn more about how we can help, we hope you’ll download information about our Cybersecurity & Risk Management Practice, and contact us to set up a time to connect.

Meet NeuEon’s CISO and Cybersecurity & Risk Management Practice Lead, Candy Alexander, CISSP, CISM, a recognized leader in the cybersecurity and risk profession with more than 30 years’ experience and multiple global and industry awards, including recognition as IFSEC’s #1 2020 Global Influencer of Security Execs and a Cyber Veteran in SC Media’s 2020 Women In IT Security. Learn more about Candy.

Today’s cyber risk calls for smarter cybersecurity strategies. Need cybersecurity and risk guidance?