Cloud Strategy

Create a cloud-first roadmap to enable rapid innovation.

Cloud solutions give companies the agility they need today to meet rapidly changing customer demands and remain competitive. Cloud simplifies and accelerates delivery and enables teams to scale up and down quickly as needed. It provides rapid access to innovative services for everything from analytics to artificial intelligence to robotics. And its benefits are available with a low cost of entry and no long-term contracts or capital investment. But how do you move forward when you have so many decisions to make?

What cloud solutions are we using now, and what else should we migrate?
How do we make sure we’re getting the best value out of our cloud spend?
Can we use a third-party SaaS solution, or should we host our app in the cloud?
How do we migrate without impacting day-to-day operations?
How do we implement best practices for security and compliance in the cloud?

It’s time to get ahead of cloud expansion to give your organization a solid foundation for growth.

Cloud has fundamentally changed the way businesses invest in technology. The number of cloud services and solutions has skyrocketed, as has adoption by companies across industries. In fact, cloud solutions are likely in your organization already and probably growing fast. So, it’s not a matter of if — but when — you need a well-crafted cloud strategy.

We can help you answer questions and find solutions to create a cloud-first roadmap that enables rapid innovation, lowers long-term costs, and provides the agility your business needs to thrive.

About Our Cloud Strategy Services

For nearly a decade, NeuEon has been advising organizations of all sizes to map out cloud strategies and execute successful migrations. We create strategies that align directly with business goals and are holistically inclusive of people, processes, and technology — both internal and external to the business. And we deliver actionable roadmaps with clear objectives and measurable goals.

Here’s how our experienced cloud experts can help your organization.

Cloud Assessment

Kickstart your cloud transformation by assessing your current cloud environment and creating a strategy and action plan in as little as two weeks with NeuEon’s NeuStart framework.

Cloud Transformation

Accelerate transformation by creating a roadmap, choosing best-fit partners, and designing an environment that meets your workload and compliance needs.

Cloud Management

Maximize ROI by operationalizing cloud activities with standards and governance, monitoring and alerts, cost analysis and optimization, and continuous improvement.

Cloud Migration

Get experienced leadership and hands-on guidance to successfully execute your cloud transformation roadmap initiatives from planning through execution and transition to operations.

Cloud Security

Manage cybersecurity and risk by integrating effective standards and practices, selecting the most effective security products and services, and managing compliance efforts.

Cloud is how the world works today. Do you need help making it work for you?

To learn more about how we help our customers, download an overview of our Cloud Strategy Practice, read our blog post, The Cost of Cloud: How to Reduce AWS Overspending, and contact us when you’re ready to connect.

Meet our CTO and Cloud Strategy Practice Lead, James Scott — an experienced strategic advisor whose team provides expert architectural leadership and hands-on guidance to help clients leverage cloud technologies to build scalable, reliable, cost-effective solutions. Learn more about James.

Ready to accelerate your cloud migration with clear strategy, operational excellence, and maximum ROI?