Technology Advisory

Create strategies and roadmaps that work.

Today’s technology leaders sit at the center of business transformation. And while most have been delivering tech solutions for decades, this is different. Disruptive competition, changing customer preferences, and emerging technologies have driven rapid change in business and investment strategies. Business partners, boards, and investors need technology leaders to make progress faster than ever. And that’s a huge hurdle because there are so many questions to answer:

How do I move quickly with a limited budget?
What should we move to the cloud and when?
What tools and partners should we choose?
How do we fill skills gaps in our teams?
How can we implement new solutions without disrupting operations?
Should we use emerging technologies, like AI and blockchain?
How can we position the business for the future?

Business success relies on technology strategies that are both powerful and pragmatic.

As former C-suite leaders and experienced consultants, we understand your challenges. And whether you’re creating or revitalizing strategy and regardless of the scope or scale, we can provide unbiased, objective leadership and hands-on guidance to develop strategies that are:

Directly aligned with business vision, strategy, and goals.
Holistically inclusive of people, process, and technology — both internal and external to the business.
Created with an understanding of the company’s culture, risk tolerance, and level of change readiness.
Achievable — because they are accompanied by an actionable roadmap, clear objectives, and measurable goals.

About Our Technology Advisory Services

NeuEon’s depth of experience and collaborative approach to partnering with clients enables us to become a trusted partner and advisor. Our systematic, vendor-agnostic decision-making methodologies are proven to deliver strong results in companies of all sizes across a variety of industries.

Here’s how we can help you keep up with rapid change to drive business success.

Speed delivery, improve quality, embrace cloud, and enhance security with an objective assessment and pragmatic strategies to improve the people, processes, and platforms that enable the delivery and operation of your business solutions.

Objectively select the technology products and services that most effectively meet business requirements with a proven, vendor-agnostic, data-driven process and pragmatic implementation guidance.

For software product companies, improve core products and drive innovation initiatives with an objective assessment of your products, development teams, and processes and the creation of an actionable roadmap for improvement.

Develop strategy rapidly and with minimal investment for targeted areas, including cloud, cybersecurity, agile transformation, business process improvement, organizational change, innovation, and product development.

Looking to create powerful strategies and roadmaps that drive successful implementations?

Let us show you how our experienced advisors can become your trusted partners. Learn more about our Strategic Technology Assessment and Technology Selection & Program Management services and contact us to learn more.

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