Business & Technology Agility

Enable your business to adapt, compete, and grow.

Rapid technological breakthroughs in fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things have propelled us into what is now recognized as the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). These emerging technologies, along with dramatic shifts in customer preferences, have created opportunities for entrepreneurial businesses to deliver disruptive solutions, which they’re doing at breakneck speed. Moving forward, the way we live, work, and relate to one another will fundamentally change — and we don’t know exactly what that will look like.

Organizations are under intense pressure to adapt in these uncertain, rapidly changing times. However, many face common organizational constraints, like siloed functional teams, old-fashioned management frameworks, and change-resistant cultures that often fall into a “this is the way we’ve always have done it…” mindset. Many businesses simply lack the agility needed to respond to the changing marketplace fast enough.

Your company’s survival and success depend on business and technology agility.

Business agility is what enables organizations to compete in the new economy — to quickly respond to market changes and opportunities. NeuEon can help you build it by:

Creating innovative, digitally-enabled solutions that meet or exceed the needs of customers, partners, and employees.
Building on the technical agility many IT and engineering groups have achieved through agile adoption.
Embedding lean and agile values, behaviors, and capabilities across the company, from an organization’s people and culture to its practices and technology.

About Our Business & Technology Agility Services

NeuEon’s services turn businesses into high performing organizations that outpace and outperform their competition by improving business and technology agility. Through coaching, training, and the implementation of tools and processes, we create incremental change and continuous improvement that drive transformation across the company.

Here’s how NeuEon’s strategic leadership and hands-on guidance can help your business accelerate.

Cross-Functional Teamwork

Transition from a traditional siloed corporate mindset to one that enables and encourages experimentation, innovation, and collaboration.

Agile Leadership

Shift leadership from command-and-control to transformational approaches that cultivate a shared sense of purpose, focus, and trust.

Agile Culture

Create a culture of customer-centricity, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration.

Continuous Improvement

Instill a change mindset focused on learning and adjustments based on clear goals and measures to drive ongoing improvement.

Agile Portfolio Management

Modernize portfolio management processes to align and fund value streams to support the new lean-agile way of working.

Virtual Teams

Design the organization to support virtual teams, so people can jump in as needed to solve problems as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Can you identify a great idea, fund it, staff it, and deliver it as fast or faster than your peers? This is what agility looks like.

We help your teams develop clear strategies for continuously achieving ambitious, but attainable goals with a strong sense of shared purpose, autonomy, and willingness and the ability to collaborate and make measurable, data-driven decisions that enable them to pivot quickly when needed.

We hope you’ll let us show you how we can help. Download an overview of our High Performing Organizations model and a more detailed description of the methodology, and contact us to learn more.

Meet our CTO and Transformation Practice Lead, Scott Weiner, an experienced strategic advisor and servant leader whose team is passionate about developing high performing organizations and supporting better strategic decision-making for executive, product, technology, and management teams. Learn more about Scott.

Seeking to build agility, but not sure where to start?