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An ISSA Member Virtual Session!

As a a follow up to their recent presentation at the ISSA New England Chapter meeting, NeuEon CTO, Scott Weiner, and CISO, Candy Alexander, will offer insights on how to prepare and initiate a safe and secure AI journey in your organization


Wednesday, June 26th


1:00-2:30 pm (EDT)

Prepare for AI with Safety, Security and Privacy in Mind

Gain valuable insights from NeuEon’s seasoned technology strategists, who bring decades of experience in business technology implementation and cybersecurity. Discover their proven approaches to integrating AI technology with your business objectives, identifying common adoption hurdles, and fostering innovation. Learn how to address the unique privacy and security challenges posed by new AI technologies.

Key Topics Include:

  • Establishing a GRC framework to address safety, ethics, privacy, and security concerns surrounding AI use
  • Understanding how to plan, implement, and maintain robust privacy, security, and safety protocols while utilizing new AI technologies
  • Identifying and overcoming common adoption challenges, such as talent gaps, data quality issues, and integration hurdles

Special Features:

  • Live Q&A: Have your questions addressed directly by AI strategy and Security experts
  • Industry Resources: Discover practical tools and resources to help you navigate the implementation of AI in your business

Security Focus

Incorporate cyber risk, privacy, ethics, and safety into every phase of AI implementation


Expert Insights

Tap into NeuEon’s deep expertise in security and strategic planning


Comprehensive Roadmap

Learn the critical steps of the AI strategy roadmap, emphasizing trustworthy technology, security and safety

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