Agile Transformation - Enterprise Case Study

“The key to a successful transformation is bringing in an objective third party that all stakeholders – from development and product management to the full executive team – trust and respect. NeuEon gained our trust with their industry knowledge, goal-oriented approach, and hands-on support.”
Natalie D.
Vice President, R&D Operations


Company’s development organization of 80+ teams required a full agile transformation to impact predictability, quality and time-to-market.

Business Needs

  • Greater predictability, quality and faster time-to-market for products
  • Executive advisement and consulting on transformation initiative
  • Transparency and accountability across the development organization
  • Expertise to coach and develop key personnel in Agile and Scrum

Business Results

  • Accurate, ongoing data capture across eleven dimensions of the development lifecycle
  • Currently driving toward the goal of 20-50% increase in productivity, 50%+ increase in quality
  • Sustainable, long-term plan for continuous improvement


Concurrent Program: Extending Agile to the Professional Services Organization


As part of a company-wide agile transformation initiative, the client required development and implementation of lean, agile models for the professional services group to drive greater efficiency and visibility.


  • Increased profit margins and reduced waste within the business unit
  • Assessment of the current state of the organization
  • Greater sophistication in managing projects and associated pipeline


  • Captured over 10,000 tasks across 30 projects in a visual dashboard used by management to gain real-time operational insight.
  • Creation of a standard tool to use across business units to enable seamless feedback to Product and R&D teams
  • Improved business metrics including decreased time to implementation and increased billable staff utilization

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