Supercharge Your Virtual Meetings

A Complementary Workshop Exclusively For Ellucian Sponsored By NeuEon

How can we work better together when we’re so far apart?

Learn how we can get the most from every meeting by engaging and inspiring our people, no matter where we are located.

Meetings are an important component of the Ellucian culture. The pandemic has forced us to turn even the most informal conversations into virtual meetings. And now, not only are our meetings virtual, but it feels like we have even more of them than before. This can leave people feeling like they spend all their time in meetings without getting much done during the day. Between the technology challenges and physical separation, people can have a hard time really hearing what others are saying and being heard themselves. It’s easy to get distracted, bored, disengaged. And this can make it very difficult to make our meetings as productive as they can be.

If this is something you’re experiencing, we hope you’ll join us for a one-hour workshop, designed exclusively for Ellucian, to experience a few powerful, easy-to-implement strategies that will enable your teams to fully engage, build trust, and collaborate with a sense of purpose. In this fast-paced workshop, we’ll introduce you to some interactive, highly-engaging tools and techniques that we’ll use to work through some of your real-world Ellucian issues and come up with actionable steps to address them — all in one hour. We think you’ll have fun in the session itself, but the real payoff will come when you take what you’ve learned back to your teams.

Imagine your teams looking forward to your next meeting!

In this workshop, we will come away with an understanding of how we can:

  • Ensure all meeting attendees are engaged — they participate, provide ideas, seek feedback, and are heard — so we get the most out of every meeting
  • Quickly and effectively identify strong, actionable ideas from a diverse group of any size to solve our current business problems
  • Use proven approaches for enabling colleagues to provide feedback to one another in an environment of trust and psychological safety