Technology Selection & Program Management

Maximize ROI with unbiased decisions and pragmatic implementation.

Every major initiative — like rolling out a new ERP system, selecting an implementation partner, or launching new online products — involves pivotal decisions that have far-reaching impacts. For many reasons, however, including politics, personal bias, or the pressure to make a quick decision, far too many of these large-scale technical investments don’t end with an objective, data-driven decision. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As experienced C-suite executives, we understand the challenges and risks associated with technology selection initiatives, because we’ve been in your shoes. You have concerns like these:

How are we going to effectively manage the selection process?
How can we manage the high volume of inbound vendor communications?
What will it take to integrate this new solution into our existing architecture?
How can we keep business operations running seamlessly while we implement?
Is this vendor equipped to fully support our needs in the future?

About NeuEon’s Proven Technology Selection Process

Large-scale technology investments demand an unbiased, data-driven approach to decision-making that minimizes risk and maximizes ROI. NeuEon’s Technology Selection Process (TSP) is based on decades of collective experience helping organizations make smart technology investments. In a TSP engagement, our senior-level consultants provide unbiased, objective leadership and hands-on guidance to help:

Align strategic goals, processes, and requirements across all stakeholders.
Conduct market research to identify the leading solutions for your needs.
Use our proprietary, data-driven tool to evaluate and score vendor features against requirements.
Assess scores and other related factors to make a final selection.
Provide strategic recommendations and pragmatic implementation plans based on cost, risk, and technical feasibility.

Additional Technology Selection & Program Management Services

As part of the engagement, our clients often engage us for additional assistance to manage other activities typically involved as part of a technology selection and implementation initiative, including:

Vendor Negotiation

Minimizing TCO and maximizing ROI by providing hands-on assistance and best practice guidance during hardware, software, and services negotiations.

Vendor Management

Creating strong partnerships and accelerating progress through the relationship management of outsourced vendors, including systems integrators, cloud hosting providers, and outsourced development teams.

Program Management

Managing implementation partners to ensure they execute against plan and providing ongoing communications about project status and obstacles to business owners and other key stakeholders.

Is a significant technology investment on your roadmap?

We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to show you how we can help you make the best decisions. Download more information about our Technology Selection Process and contact us to learn more.

Need a proven way to make smart technology decisions?